Implement Sustainable Practices Based on Government Guidelines

03/20/2012 |

Legislative initiatives can help you execute sustainable procedures at your facilities.

Make sustainability improvements to your buildings and properties using federal government guidelines.

Detailed in a publication recently released by the IFMA Foundation, these guidelines demonstrate how to stay ahead of emerging building guidelines and implement strategic sustainability upgrades.

The strategies inside utilize resources and benchmarking information developed by federal and state governments. The publication will help facility professionals to:

  • Understand how recent legislative and executive initiatives focus on reducing costs and increasing the efficiency of energy and water use in federal buildings;

  • Learn how to achieve greener buildings through site planning, building material selection, water efficiency, HVAC systems, and ongoing operations;

  • Improve energy management techniques through consideration of lighting, windows, energy demand, refrigeration systems, and ENERGY STAR-rated appliances;

  • Build a business case for sustainability initiatives and utilize effective measurement tools;

  • Learn more about waste stream management, including reusable dishes and flatware, composting, and recycling;

  • Procure sustainable foods through local purchasing and learn more about food safety and disposable products;

  • Take advantage of available incentives, encourage increased operational and capital investments, and utilize resources supporting sustainability planning and execution;

  • Understand the current reporting requirements affecting both federal agencies and commercial entities; and

  • Learn from case studies offering real-world insight into effective sustainability approaches.

For more on government sustainability guidelines, read U.S. Government Policy Impacts and Opportunities for Facility Management at


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