Can Your Building Fuel Up Electric Vehicles?

05/01/2012 |

Electric vehicle (EV) charging stations are a growing trend – but are they worth the investment?

Have you considered installing an electric vehicle (EV) charging station at your facility? With lingering questions about costs, anticipated volume, and customer pricing models, EV charging stations can be a tough sell for building owners.

To encourage the growth of the electric vehicle market, President Obama has launched the EV-Everywhere Challenge. This initiative is designed to make electric vehicles a persuasive option.

“The EV-Everywhere Challenge is focused on advancing electric vehicle technologies and continuing to reduce costs, so that a decade from now, electric vehicles will be more affordable and convenient to own than today’s gasoline-powered vehicles,” says Steven Chu, secretary for the Department of Energy.

Facility managers and building owners have already begun to take advantage of this market shift. An EV charging station can reinforce an organization’s sustainability practices or provide an attractive leasing or employment amenity.

Are EV charging stations worth the investment or too complicated and expensive to bother with? Share your thoughts by emailing Associate Editor Jennie Morton at


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