FM Cost Trends: Reuse Projects

06/01/2012 |

Comparative Building Costs: Reuse Projects

Project #1
Warehouse to Credit Union

The reuse project comprised a retrofit and addition to transform a warehouse into a credit union. The wood-framed floors of the existing structure bear on a masonry exterior, demising walls, and steel beams on columns. An existing garage door opening was used as the entrance to the new interior drive-thru. The remainder of the ground floor contains an information desk, teller stations, open offices, and small conference areas. The second floor houses open and private offices.

The modern banking facility required extensive updating of electrical and mechanical systems. A zoned mechanical system maintains the proper operating temperature in the computer room. A two-story atrium and a banking lobby have frosted skylights that reduce the need for artificial lighting.

Project #2
Bank to Office

What began as an adaptive reuse of a turn-of-the-century, Romanesque-style bank building became a complex project involving rehabilitation, preservation, and an addition. The grand banking floor was recreated by leaving a double-height lobby space and inserting a mezzanine floor separated from the adjoining walls.

A curved curtainwall with blue-tinted glass gives a contemporary look. Curved precast concrete panels above contain an engraved sign. A recessed gypsum-board ceiling with cove lighting creates the illusion of skylights and a greater ceiling height. Interior finishes include a granite floor in the main lobby and a monumental stairway of glass and steel.

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