Address Floor Care During Summer

05/22/2012 |

Whether floors require new sealants, deep cleaning, or mopping, the summer is a good time for these projects since traffic in the facilities could be minimal.

Proper floor maintenance goes far beyond keeping surfaces safe and clean and includes methods to extend floor life and prevent liability.

Staples Advantage offers five tips to help get the most out of school initiatives, though they can be applied to most facilities.

  1. Use products that are appropriate for the floor material they are cleaning and read the manufacturer instructions to ensure the solution is applied properly.

  2. Look for sustainable cleaning solutions that are not only healthier for occupants and maintenance staff, but also fit into tight budgets.

  3. One of the best methods for protecting floor surfaces is to use floor mats at each entrance that are specially designed to capture tracked-in moisture and debris.

  4. Be mindful of safety – slips and falls can cause serious injury. There are several precautions you can take to reduce liability. Educate school administrators, faculty, and maintenance staff about potential hazards and ask them to report spills, damage, and other safety concerns immediately. Check all floor surfaces for potential dangers on a daily basis. Proper lighting is also key to illuminating pathways.

  5. Flooring can even have a negative impact on computers and other devices. Electrostatic discharges (ESD) – the “shock” you sometimes feel – can easily be transferred to electronics. Damages can be prevented by using conductive flooring material or applying several coats of an ESD-preventing finish solution to the floor. Another option is the use of special mats, floor paint, or tiles that help prevent electrical shocks.

With summer coming up, now is the time to implement these practices. Empty facilities will ensure minimal disruption and ample time for VOCs to air out.


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