EPDs at a Glance

06/21/2012 |

A new supplement to Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) offers a faster way to compare environmental impact information.

UL Environment, a unit of Underwriters Laboratories (UL), offers the EPD Transparency Brief for any product that has earned a certified EPD through UL’s independent review process.

The two-page, single-sheet supplement condenses the long-form EPD into a short guide containing the most critical information, such as product ingredients, recycled content, water and energy usage. Below, the environmental impact of Interface’s GlasBac RE modular carpet tile is examined.

Accompanying the new release is UL’s Certified Environmental Product Declaration mark, a green soft-cornered rectangle bearing a UL logo and leaf. It can be attached to products that have earned an EPD from UL.

“Some people just want to know that a product was manufactured sustainably, so the mark is perfect,” says Heather Gadonniex, head of strategy and innovation for UL Environment. “Some want a glance at the environmental impact information from the brief. If they want to dig deep, they can access the whole document.”


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