Are You Balancing Security and Safety?

06/25/2012 |

Are You Balancing Safety and Security?

Are you keeping up with industry trends in security and safety?  The post 9/11 landscape can be a challenging environment for building owners and facility managers as technology becomes an increasingly important aspect of security and safety.  The new shift includes balancing increased desire for more security with true need, cost of, best process, and appropriate management against code implications.

Highlights of a presentation given today at the 2012 Every Building Conference and Expo held in Seattle include identification of significant challenges facing facility managers and building owners from a building safety and security standpoint –

·     Jim Peck, RPA, FMA, Managing Director of JP and Associates, discussed reliance on maintenance and security to be the eyes and ears that notify on security requirements, calls for better communication.

·     Lori Greene AHC/CDC, CCPR, FDAI, Manager of Codes & Resources, Ingersoll Rand, discussed increased security and code implications.

·     Richard King, Preparedness Coordinator & Senior Property Manager, Colliers International, addressed the desire to cut budgets, but not to impact landscaping, janitorial and security services

Dan Chancey, VP, Senior Asset Manager, Commercial Advisors, Memphis TN, explored the rise of copper theft.

The panel explored key security solutions that are trending in the field.  Each presenter offered insights into emerging considerations.  Dan Chancey  spoke on the importance of voice prompts, recognition access, and access control points.  Richard King discussed smart phone applications and face recognition biometrics. Jim Peck highlighted the importance of keeping updated and informed with new technology.  Lori Greene stressed specifying the best value solution.

The panel also touched upon the latest developments from the ICC, USGBC, and NFPA, along with discussion of relevant/recently changed codes and standards.

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