RoofPoint Program Gains Momentum

07/23/2012 |

Close to 100 roofing projects from 27 states are registered with RoofPoint, a voluntary green rating system that promotes sustainable roofing practices.

Nearly 100 projects were submitted during the pilot RoofPoint program from 22 leading manufacturers, roofing contractors, and design firms across North America.

RoofPoint is a voluntary, consensus-based green rating system developed by the Center for Environmental Innovation in Roofing, whose mission is to promote the development and use of environmentally responsible, high performance roof systems and technologies.

The program provides a means for roofing contractors, building owners, and designers to select roof systems based on long-term energy and environmental benefits.

“RoofPoint Registered Projects represent the unique contribution the roofing industry is making to sustainable construction and showcase the critical role roofs play in mitigating the impact buildings have on our environment,” says Center President Craig Silvertooth.

The inaugural class of RoofPoint projects includes roofs from 27 states, the District of Columbia, Canada, and Mexico. A complete list of RoofPoint Registered Projects can be found in the project database available at


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