7 Tips to Manage Mosquito Season

08/23/2012 |

Warmer than usual conditions are fueling heavier mosquito activity and population density.

Is your facility prepared to handle an influx of annoying, potentially dangerous mosquitoes? This has been a hot year, and while extreme heat can impact mosquito populations, in some cases it can just delay infestations.

Facilities with outdoor areas such as golf courses, restaurants, resorts, clubhouses, pools, and recreation facilities are at the highest risk.

“Because we had a mild winter in many areas, population density is up and mosquitoes will be active as long as the temperature and moisture levels are favorable,” says Paul Curtis, director of service quality for Terminix. “Warmer temperatures decrease the time it takes for insects to reproduce, thus producing larger populations. A common mosquito type in California might go through its lifecycle in 14 days at 70 degrees but take only 10 days at 80 degrees.”

Safety is an important consideration because West Nile virus and dengue fever are transmitted by mosquitoes. According to the Centers for Disease Control, Florida has reported local cases of dengue for the first time in 75 years, as have states along the U.S.-Mexico border.

How can you handle the mosquito menace? Terminix offers some useful tips and tricks to beat the bugs:

  1. Maintain good sanitation around buildings and customer areas by eliminating areas with standing water.

  2. Minimize the number of stored and decorative items that can catch and hold water.

  3. Clean debris from gutters and check for standing water on flat roofs.

  4. If your property features decorative ponds with fish, consider including fish such as Gambusia affinis (mosquitofish), which will eat mosquito larvae.

  5. Trim bushes and other vegetation that can serve as a resting place for mosquitoes. Pest control professionals may be able to make a topical application for landscaping.

  6. Maintain occupant comfort and peace of mind by choosing a mosquito control system with a powerful, plant-based formula. Safe and environmentally responsible solutions demonstrate your commitment to the planet and people.

  7. Tailor insect control systems to your needs – it’s no longer all or nothing. The new misting technology allows you to choose the level of protection that suits your business needs, such as continuous all-day misting or spot misting for special or limited use areas.


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