Increase Security Guards on Short Notice

09/28/2012 | By Jennie Morton

Tips to leverage your security force for extra protection

Ever face a situation where your normal security force won’t cut it?

Whether it’s a planned event like a trade show, the sudden appearance of protesters, or the aftermath of a stressful incident like workplace violence, there are times when your building would be better protected by additional security officers.

Anticipating the need for extra security should be part of your emergency preparedness plans. Regardless if you have in-house security, contract with a provider, or simply use technology, you should outline what events would require additional security and how to secure increased protection.

What Can Extra Guards Provide?
Any number of events may demand extra security (see sidebar), but the risks associated with those situations will determine the extent of your guards’ duties.

In most cases, temporary officers will simply provide additional bodies to carry out established security protocol – manage access control, conduct patrols, provide perimeter reinforcement, and be on the lookout for misconduct.

The visibility of guards can also reassure personnel that their safety is important to your company.

There are a number of reasons why you would increase your security force. These situations might include:

  • Preplanned events requiring crowd control (sports, trade shows, concerts)
  • Protest or strike conditions
  • A security situatioat a neighboring building
  • Wheyour safety or fire systems are offline
  • Times during and after a high-risk terminatio
  • After any act of violence against the facility or its occupants, such as vandalism or domestic assault
“Regardless of the security threat you’re facing, adding resources can help prevent escalation,” explains Mike Coleman, vice president of commercial real estate for AlliedBarton, a security services provider. “The mere presence of a security officer provides a sense of the building and its occupants being safe and secure.”

How Do I Change an Existing Contract?
If you already work with a security company, review the terms of your Scope of Work and ensure that it provides wiggle room for last-minute guard requests.

“Build into the contract a stipulation that the contractor will provide a number of unscheduled guards within a certain time for unplanned events and be able to provide scheduled guards for planned events,” advises Glen Kitteringham, president of Kitteringham Security Group, a consulting firm.

If you have enough advance notice, you can also have a secondary contract drawn up for the specific event.

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