You Can't Always Get What You Want... Or Can You?

09/28/2012 | By Chris Olson

Sometimes, You Can Always Get What You Want

Chris Olson
Chief Content Director

We tried, and we hope that you might find what you need – in the remodeled pages of BUILDINGS.

The new look and content launched with this month’s issue are built on a simple plan: Ask FM professionals what they need. Then deliver it.

Many thanks to the 900 subscribers who took the time last spring to participate in a lengthy editorial survey about their information needs. The results provided the editorial team with one of the largest chunks of feedback that we have ever had to examine. Based on that survey and other feedback from smaller-scale questionnaires and from the editors’ random phone calls to subscribers, you voiced your top priorities – more content on energy management, more on sustainability, more on facility costs, more on systems, more on products.

To accommodate those priorities, we have added to our coverage of energy topics with The Energy Manager, a new section that leads off the magazine every month. You’ll also find more coverage of sustainability and cost info, and more items per page in the products section.

But content is only half the story; the other half is the medium. Many of you mentioned your need to be able to scan information so you can quickly find what you need. Like the redesign earlier this year of our website,, the new magazine is designed to deliver its content faster and more efficiently through frequent charts and tables with quantitative data.

And one more thing. You’ll notice that, at a time when many publications are paring the trim size of their print products, BUILDINGS has increased its size, allowing us to bring more content to you while displaying it in roomier layouts that are easier to navigate.

Send me an email or call me and let me know what you think. We are committed to the idea that you can always get what you want in all of our media at BUILDINGS.

Also in this issue you will find a presentation of the winners in our remodeled annual award program, America’s Best Buildings of the Year. Interested in having your building included next year? Then contact associate editor Jennie Morton to receive submission information for 2013.


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