ASHRAE 90.1 Revisions Enter Review Phase

09/28/2012 |

Energy efficiency a top priority for proposed changes

10th edition of IES’ Lighting Handbook

Modifications to ANSI/ASHRAE/IES Standard 90.1, the standard that forms the basis for energy efficiency regulations for commercial buildings, have entered the review and revision stage of development.

Proposed changes to the energy standard include:

  • Amending the minimum energy efficiency requirements for standard-sized package terminal air conditioners and raising the minimum energy efficiency ratio to match packaged terminal heat pumps

  • Modifying service water heating efficiency requirements for electric water heaters, heat pump pool heaters, and oil storage water heaters

  • Changing the interior space-by-space lighting power density tables based on light level recommendations in the new 10th edition of IES’ Lighting Handbook, including spaces for seniors in permanent living facilities.


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