A New First Impression

10/03/2012 |

Artful renovation reignites leasing at Dallas office building

The view from Dallas’ North Tollway has always been impressive: Providence Towers with its Neapolitan arch and polished red granite exterior gleaming against the backdrop of a burgeoning business district.

Inside the prominent building, however, another story was told. An outdated, monolithic lobby and a confusing entryway overshadowed the building’s numerous selling points. In 2011, Newport Beach, CA-based owner KBS Realty Advisors initiated a $3 million renovation of Providence Towers, aiming for a better first impression and hospitality-like service and amenities.

Brightening key entry points and reenergizing the grand lobby were some of the design objectives of Dallas-based Entos Design. By using classic, luxury materials like light marble stone to complement the existing granite and selecting contemporary, high-end furnishings, the designers realized KBS’ goal for improved ambiance.


providence towers

Owner: KBS Realty Advisors (submitter)

Design Architect: Entos Design

“Over the past 20 years, popular workplace design has moved in a lighter and warmer direction,” says Ken Robertson, senior vice president and asset manager at KBS. “Providence Towers has always embodied iconic design, and this was our chance to weave in a contemporary twist. We now have the best of both worlds and a one-of-a-kind environment that would be very difficult to duplicate.”

While Providence Towers already had an impressive list of on-site amenities (including a fitness center, shops, and a delicatessen), the renovation improved upon them by enhancing gathering areas and tenant lounges and providing access to a courtyard with a waterfall. The renovation also created an “elevated” garage experience with 100% covered parking. New paint and elevator vestibules, improved lighting, and directional signage provide the five-star hotel feeling KBS hoped to achieve.

Before the renovation, 72% of the building was leased; now, with its grand lobbies and updated entry points, Providence Towers is 89.9% leased.

“It’s been a huge success from an investment standpoint, and it has better positioned the project well into the future,” says Robertson, who notices that the changes are having a positive impact on the current tenants.

“It feels like a special place to do business now. Business owners and decision-makers tend to be visual, and, without question, there’s an emotional attachment to this property for our tenants.”


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