Who's Who in the Buildings Market 2003: General Services Administration, Public Buildings Service

08/26/2003 |

The 2003 'A' List


General Services Administration, Public Buildings Service

Washington, D.C.

(202) 501-1100



The landlord of the civilian federal government, with a total inventory of over 330 million square feet of workspace for employees in 2,000-plus American communities, the General Services Administration, Public Buildings Service envisions itself to become the “best real estate organization in the world.” In addition to leasing space to its federal customer agencies, the organization also repairs, alters, and renovates existing facilities; provides building security; disposes of properties; preserves and maintains more than 400 historic properties in the federal government inventory; and is the nation’s No 1. “green” advocate. Approximately 55 percent of the built inventory – more than 1,700 – is government-owned buildings.

[Editors’ Note: In addition to the GSA’s significant thrust in green initiatives, its internationally recognized Design and Construction Excellence program – whereby the agency engages the best private-sector architects, construction managers, and engineers to design and build award-winning courthouses, border stations, federal office buildings, and data processing centers – has helped restore and maintain the vitality of communities where GSA has a presence. Benchmarking practices – internally and against commercial equivalents – has decidedly moved the GSA forward in achieving its vision.]

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