Is Surveillance Radar Right for You?

12/28/2012 | By Jennie Morton

Detect, track, and monitor movement near your building with surveillance radar systems.

To extend your surveillance coverage, add radar units around your property. These devices can automatically detect movement and cue your cameras to the source.

It sounds too good to be true – a surveillance device that spots moving objects in the dark, offers a 90-degree field of coverage, and won’t be affected by adverse weather.

It’s not often that facility managers can borrow the same detection technology used at airports, military bases, and chemical refineries, but radar is increasingly used for perimeter protection at commercial properties.

Could radar be your next security purchase? Learn more below.

Why Radar?
Most buildings struggle to provide continuous coverage of large areas without using a large patrol force or a host of detection equipment. Surveillance cameras are a typical fix, but they have their limitations.

“With cameras alone, it’s difficult for a security guard to detect people at far ranges,” says Logan Harris, CEO of SpotterRF, a manufacturer of compact ground radar units. Poor weather or lighting conditions can also hamper identification with even the most robust thermal cameras.

“Radar works 24 hours a day in sun or dark,” says David Calabrese, sales consultant for critical infrastructure protection with Honeywell Automation & Control, a supplier of radar options. ”It provides greater area coverage for a fraction of the cost of video analytics, fence line sensors, buried cables, and other technologies.”

As opposed to a stand-alone system, however, radar allows you to supplement and extend your existing security measures. Use it to create smart perimeter protection by having individual components communicate with one another.

“The three phases of an effective security system should include detection, identification, and response,” Harris explains. “Radar addresses tracking, cameras support recognition, and an alarm system or security guards enable resolution.”

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