5 Resources for Emergency Planning

01/25/2013 |

Need to learn more? These organizations offer a wealth of information.

  1. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA.org): Tools include a detailed checklist for emergency action plan creation and a searchable database of OSHA standards.

  2. National Fire Protection Association (NFPA.org): The NFPA 1600 standard is available as a free download. This comprehensive document lays the framework for a customized emergency plan, including preparation, management, and recovery components.

  3. Federal Emergency Management Organization (FEMA.gov): FEMA offers a huge repository of mitigation and preparation resources, such as a how-to series on protecting your business that includes securing all types of roofs from high winds, anchoring furniture and equipment, and installing a generator.

  4. Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety (disastersafety.org): This collective of insurers maintains a wealth of free preparedness guides. Download articles on everything from assisting employees post-disaster to data protection.

  5. Small Business Administration (sba.gov): Many of the SBA’s disaster recovery resources are applicable to any size of business. Gain important advice about cleaning up, creating contingency plans, building disaster kits, and more with handy worksheets and tips.

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