Who's Who in the Buildings Market 2003: Headquarters Pacific Air Forces (HQ PACAF/CE)

08/26/2003 |

The 2003 'A' List


Headquarters Pacific Air Forces

Hickam Air Force Base, HI

(808) 449-5483



With a 2003 facilities capital budget of $250 billion and an operational budget of $5 billion, the Pacific Air Forces will celebrate 59 years of continued service as America’s provider of air and space power in the Pacific. The challenges of PACAF are formidable: its area of responsibility covers 105 million square miles and is home to 60 percent of the world’s population (with 1,000 languages and dialects spoken in 73 countries and territories). With the organization reporting thousands of office buildings, 29 retail buildings (nine shopping centers and 20 chain stores), 15 educational buildings, nine healthcare buildings, hundreds of hotel/motel buildings, and thousands of multi-family housing structures, facilities information provided via the Buildings’ 2002 questionnaire pointed to the agency’s responsibility in excess of 1.029 billion square feet of space.

[Editors’ Note: God bless America and the HQ PACAF. Base restructuring under way will ensure the necessary infrastructure matches the military’s mission and troop strength as the Global War on Terrorism continues. A host of vital global cooperation exercises could not have succeeded without the support forces PACAF provides – particularly during a time when the military is repositioning itself (and its bases) for a brave new world.]

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