Who’s Who in the Buildings Market 2003: Building Management

08/26/2003 |

Firms that manage commercial/institutional/governmental facilities for other owners

Johnson Controls (1,200)

Milwaukee, WI

(414) 524-4000



Commercial Buildings*: 1.2 billion square feet, with the majority of clients in corporate real estate, education, healthcare, and federal government sectors. Number of Professionals Involved Full-Time in Facilities*: 35,867. Johnson Controls has 300 offices worldwide and is actively involved in the management and operations of facilities in all marketplaces.

UNICCO Service Company (655)
Newton, MA

(800) 283-9222



3,270 Office Buildings*: 194 million square feet. 75 Shopping Centers*: 115 million square feet. 6,380 Chain Stores (including bank branches)*: 23 million square feet. 1,200 Educational Buildings*: 90 million square feet. 19 Healthcare Buildings*: 12 million square feet. 24 Government Buildings*: 21 million square feet. 10 Other Commercial Buildings (public venues including stadiums, museums, etc.)*: 20 million square feet. 350 Industrial Buildings*: 180 million square feet. Number of Professionals Involved Full-time in Facilities*: 1,200. UNICCO is an integrated facilities services company with over 50 years in facilities outsourcing experience.

Trammell Crow Company (433)

Dallas, TX

(214) 863-3000



Office Buildings*: 88 million square feet. Shopping Centers*: 26 million square feet. Other Commercial Buildings (facilities management for office, industrial, and retail)*: 178 million square feet. Industrial Buildings*: 141 million square feet. Number of Professionals Involved Full-time in Facilities*: 6,000. Three core services (building management, brokerage, and development/project management) are tailored for users of commercial real estate and facilities, and investors in commercial real estate.

Cushman & Wakefield Inc. (350)
New York, NY

(212) 841-7500



With 160 offices in 48 countries, Cushman & Wakefield manages approximately 5,500 properties totaling close to 350 million square feet of space. The company advises, implements, and manages on behalf of landlords, tenants, and investors through each stage of the real estate process, helping clients buy, sell, finance, lease, and manage assets. The firm also offers valuation advice, strategic planning and research, portfolio analysis, site selection, and space location assistance.

Colliers International (332.5)
Boston, MA

(617) 722-0221



This international company manages 332.5 million square feet across six continents. Colliers employs 7,600 professionals who offer experience in office, industrial, retail, and multi-family property management.

Consolidated Engineering Services (175)
Arlington, VA

(703) 553-7500



887 Office Buildings*: 62.6 million square feet. 402 Chain Stores*: 8.7 million square feet. 128 Educational Buildings*: 7.9 million square feet. 131 Healthcare Buildings*: 5.5 million square feet. 1 Hotel/Motel Building*: 300,000 square feet. 1 Multi-Family Housing Building*: 600,000 square feet. 228 Government Buildings*: 6.7 million square feet. 2,131 Other Commercial Buildings*: 47.4 million square feet. 479 Industrial Buildings*: 35.4 million square feet. Dollar Volume of Spending in 2003 Devoted/Estimated Toward Facilities*: Operational, $80 million. Number of Professionals Involved Full-time in Facilities*: 3,400+.

RREEF (159)
San Francisco, CA

(415) 781-3300



RREEF manages investment-grade real estate across the United States. Since its beginnings in 1975, the company has grown tremendously and currently reports 159 million square feet under management. As a full-service real estate investment advisor, the company aids clients with investment strategies, acquisition and disposition of property, property management, and provides research.

Grubb & Ellis (152)
Northbrook, IL

(847) 753-7500



Grubb & Ellis operates in 30 countries worldwide, with over 8,000 people employed in 200 offices. Property and facilities management services are provided by Grubb & Ellis Management Services Inc. (GEMS), a wholly owned subsidiary of Grubb & Ellis Co. GEMS has almost 152 million square feet of property under management, including office, industrial, retail, hospitality, and multi-family space.

PM Realty Group (119)
Houston, TX

(718) 209-5800



215 Office Buildings*: 71.86 million square feet. 24 Shopping Centers*: 2.58 million square feet. 9 Educational Buildings*: 1.69 million square feet. 630 Other Commercial Buildings*: 40.32 million square feet. 21 Industrial Buildings*: 3.9 million square feet. Number of Professionals Involved Full-time in Facilities*: 439 property managers.

Divaris Property Management Corporation (104)
Virginia Beach, VA

(757) 497-2113



Office Buildings: 40 million square feet. Retail Buildings: 52 million square feet. Industrial Buildings: 12 million square feet.

GVA Worldwide (100)
Evanston, IL

(847) 733-0883



Approximately 3,000 real estate professionals serve almost 80 markets and 100 million square feet of office, industrial, retail, and specialized space. Properties have served institutional and private investors, and have included office developments, landmark business parks, major mixed-use schemes, and shopping centers.

Transwestern Commercial Services (100)
Houston, TX

(713) 270-7700



This company has offices in 20 U.S. cities and manages over 650 properties, totaling 100 million square feet of leasable space. Transwestern specializes in corporate advisory, investment services, development, research, property/facilities management, and leasing services for office, healthcare, industrial, multi-family, and retail projects.

Pinnacle Realty Management Company (96.7)
Seattle, WA

(206) 215-9700


Multi-Family Housing: 80 million square feet (based on Buildings’ estimates of 800 square feet/unit). Other Commercial Buildings (office, retail, industrial): 16.7 million square feet. Pinnacle’s 3,100 employees oversee a portfolio of apartment, office, industrial, and retail properties located in 42 states and 266 cities nationwide. The company is a recognized leader in affordable housing management and active in the privatization of military housing. Pinnacle is built on four principles: quality people, strong customer service, solid market knowledge, and superior systems/support capabilities.

UBS Realty Investors LLC (80)

Hartford, CT

(860) 616-9000



UBS Realty Investors LLC manages almost 80 million square feet of space, including 32,171 apartment units and 3,553 hotel rooms.

Sentry Management Inc. (80)

Longwood, FL

(407) 788-6700



This full-service property management company employs 300 professionals who currently manage 600 condominiums and homeowner associations comprising over 100,000 homes (80 million square feet based on Buildings’ estimates of 800 square feet/unit). Sentry is the largest property management firm in Florida.

Heitman (50)

Chicago, IL

(312) 855-5700



Heitman is a multi-national real estate investment management firm with clients in multi-family, hospitality, industrial, office, and retail spaces and entitled/non-entitled land throughout the continental United States and Hawaii. The company directly or indirectly manages over 50 million square feet of space.

Legum & Norman Inc. (46.4)

Alexandria, VA

(703) 600-6000



2 Hotel/Motel Buildings*: 984,000 square feet (328 units). 220 Multi-Family Buildings*: 45.5 million square feet (56,830 units including condominiums, cooperatives, homeowner associations, mixed-use developments, conventional and subsidized rental communities, and planned unit development). This full-service real estate company provides property management, maintenance, engineering, consulting, brokerage, and financial management services.

Highwoods Properties Inc. (45)

Raleigh, NC

(919) 872-4924



Highwoods’ nearly 600 properties in office, industrial, and retail sectors encompass 45 million square feet. The company offers leasing, management, development, construction, and other tenant-related services, and has residential apartment holdings totaling more than 630 units. Highwoods develops office and industrial space on build-to-suit and managed inventory bases and owns almost 1,300 acres of undeveloped land.

Urban Retail Properties Company (40+)

Chicago, IL

(312) 915-1725



Urban Retail Properties’ portfolio of managed properties currently includes over 40 million square feet of space in regional malls, community centers, mixed-use projects, office buildings, and government real estate in 24 states and the District of Columbia. Offering management, marketing, leasing, and development expertise, the company serves a wide range of clients, including banks, the State and Federal government, insurance companies, pension funds, and private investors.

Newmark & Company Real Estate Inc. (31.85)

New York, NY

(212) 372-2000



140 Office Buildings*: 29.9 million square feet. 5 Industrial Buildings*: 2 million square feet. Number of Professionals Involved Full-time in Facilities*: 105. With over 70 years of property and asset management experience, Newmark’s capabilities range from evaluating infrastructure and repositioning buildings, to supervising renovations and restorations, to improving operational efficiency, upgrading technology, and providing telecommunications services.

Charles Dunn Property Management Services (30+)

Los Angeles, CA

(213) 683-0500


Managing over 30 million square feet of space in office, industrial, retail, multi-family, and mixed-use properties, Charles Dunn offers property management, asset management, facilities management, receivership services, and long-range management plans. The company’s commitment to information technology provides clients with key property data by way of customized hard copy reports over the Internet, by high-speed data link, or through data uploading in several different protocols.

Advantis/GVA (30)

Atlanta, GA

(404) 262-2828



Office Buildings*: 19.9 million square feet. Shopping Centers*: 3.3 million square feet. Multi-Family Housing*: 165,442 square feet. Industrial Buildings*: 7 million square feet. Number of Professionals Involved Full-time in Facilities*: 240. Advantis provides property management, project leasing, and advisory services to institutional and entrepreneurial real estate investors through the Southeast.

Legacy Partners (29)

Foster City, CA

(650) 571-2200



Offering extensive tenant relations and retention programs, contract administration, accounting services, customized reporting, lease administration, cash management, and business planning services, Legacy Partners has a portfolio currently exceeding 29 million square feet.

Quadrelle Group Inc. (25)

Larchmont, NY

(914) 834-2600



Quadrelle manages nearly 25 million square feet of industrial property around the United States. Leasing, property management, construction management, asset management, and sales and acquisition services are provided to financial institutions and entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 companies, and regional businesses.

Eugene Burger Management Corporation (22.2)

Greenbrae, CA

(415) 461-8660



10 Office Buildings*: 230,000 square feet. 6 Sho pping Centers*: 265,000 square feet. 314 Multi-Family Housing Buildings*: 27,028 Units (21.62 million square feet based on Buildings’ estimates of 800 square feet per unit). 1 Industrial Building*: 76,000 square feet. Number of Professionals Involved Full-time in Facilities*: 300.

MB Real Estate (21.5)

Chicago, IL

(312) 726-1700



13 Office Buildings*: 8 million square feet. 12 Government Buildings*: 2.2 million square feet. 23 Other Commercial Buildings*: 11.4 million square feet. Dollar Volume of Spending in 2003 Devoted/Estimated Toward Facilities*: $49,022,436. Number of Professionals Involved Full-time in Facilities*: 302. Projects under way (to be completed in 2003)*: 1.4 million square feet ($10 million).

Cohen-Esrey Real Estate Services Inc. (19.4)

Kansas City, MO

(816) 531-8100



28 Office Buildings*: 3.5 million square feet. 8 Shopping Centers*: 2.4 million square feet. 141 Multi-Family Housing*: 15,000 units (12 million square feet based on Buildings’ estimates of 800 square feet/unit). Dollar Volume of Spending in 2003 Devoted/Estimated Toward Facilities*: Capital, $20 million; Operational, $75 million. Number of Professionals Involved Full-time in Facilities*: 50.

Arden Realty Inc. (19)

Los Angeles, CA

(310) 966-2600



Operating nearly 140 commercial properties (217 buildings and 19 million square feet) through 44 management offices, this company’s in-house operations include leasing, property/asset management, construction, development, and acquisition.

Prentiss Properties (17.6)

Dallas, TX

(214) 654-0886


Prentiss features in-house expertise in acquisitions, development, facilities management, property management, and leasing. The company owns interests in 135 office and industrial properties with approximately 17.6 million square feet of net rentable square feet.

GVA Williams (15)

New York, NY

(212) 716-3500



GVA Williams is part of GVA Worldwide cooperative firms, specializing in tenant representation, commercial property management and brokerage, and market research. The company now manages a portfolio of over 15 million rentable square feet for both individual and corporate clients.

Thalhimer Commercial Real Estate (14.5)

Richmond, VA

(804) 648-5881



The total property management portfolio for Thalhimer Commercial Real Estate consists of 14.5 million square feet, with over 1,200 lease and sale transactions annually. The company currently employs 61 marketing representatives who cover the state of Virginia.

S.L. Nusbaum Realty Company (12.1)

Norfolk, VA

(757) 627-8611



S.L. Nusbaum Realty currently manages 15,128 multi-family units (12.1 million square feet based on Buildings’ estimates of 800 square feet/unit).

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