How to Recycle Carpet

02/22/2013 | By Christopher Curtland

From demolition to documentation, take the right steps


The problem of what to do with old carpet is usually swept under the rug, but manufacturers, nonprofit organizations, and lawmakers are coming up with several solutions.

The process has become so easy that when you must face the problem, you'll think you're getting the red carpet treatment. Familiarize yourself with what needs to be done so that the ordeal is smooth and plush.

Know Your Options
The first step is to reach out to dealers and third-party recyclers in your area so you know what's available.

"Most manufacturers and mills will have some kind of recycling program, so they should usually put some options on the table," says Robert Peoples, executive director of nonprofit organization Carpet America Recovery Effort (CARE). "And if they don't have recycling, they can talk to someone who does."

Taking advantage of nearby entities is also the most environmentally responsible route.

"The best option is to do something locally. You don't want to ship carpet all over the place, because that defeats the purpose," explains Eric Nelson, vice president of marketing for manufacturer Interface. "The industry is young, but it's grown to a point where there are a number of options regionally that we can help connect you to."

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