Finding Your Career Path in Energy Management

Once you’ve developed a working knowledge of the new aspects of facility management, the next step is finding a job (see Top 5 Jobs in Facility Management). A good way to stay abreast of new jobs and business opportunities is to attend conferences or trade shows within your industry. As I write this, I am attending the annual GlobalCon Energy Conference, which has a free exposition with hundreds of different vendors all displaying what they do and how they add value to the marketplace. There is also a Career Center with job postings, networking events, and other ways to identify career opportunities.  They even have free training sessions on a variety of topics on the show floor. I have seen similar learning experiences at other technical shows, and if you just walk around and observe, you can get a good glimpse of different career paths and opportunities.

If you cannot attend a large conference due to travel or time constraints, you can also attend less expensive, local conferences (or even upcoming Earth Day shows) that are similar and may provide some ideas. In addition, you can engage the career discussion online via a LinkedIn group or local trade meetings. is an example of a social network that meets about once per month in many cities world-wide.

After identifying the types of jobs you want to pursue, you may want to give them a trial run by volunteering or interning just to try it out. If it's a fit for you, some companies will hire you after the trial, because they will be able to see the passion in your work and understand the value you can provide. This is a small investment of your time that can have long-term rewards, especially if you currently lack experience in some of the new fields out there.  From an employer’s perspective, by volunteering, you are showing commitment to that field, which they should recognize as a prerequisite for success.

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