Finding Your Career Path in Energy Management

In conclusion, it is critical that you discover your passion before you start looking for any specific job. Note that if you find it tedious to research and learn about a specific topic, then it may not be for you. Perhaps you can accelerate your career search by asking, What would I do if I had only 10 years to live?  You may even develop a mission statement and that could inspire you and even potential employers.

I have been inspired by people who have a personal commitment to energy management. One consultant I work with developed an expertise in energy purchasing and has helped large corporations save millions. Another professional became the best in his field at combined heat and power and has traveled the world educating developing countries on how to do develop their energy infrastructure.

The bottom line is that the energy management field is expanding. If you need more assurance, I welcome you to watch a broad-based webinar that I recorded just a few days ago that talks about the financial characteristics of energy management projects. There are many exciting things happening.

Next month, I will describe the types of jobs I see developing in the market as well as how to find them. Stay tuned.

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