Video Analytics and Security

Video analytics can automatically detect and classify different types of motion, giving you an edge when identifying potential threats.

Note that video analytics and video motion detection aren’t the same thing, Brown says. Standard on most cameras, motion detection reviews pixel changes. When a cluster shifts, it’s recognized as movement and an alert is created.

But video motion can’t classify what the object is or determine when activity isn’t a threat – you need the intelligence of analytics to cut down on false alarms.

Analytics provides a level of automation for surveillance. The software is routinely used for:

  • Perimeter detection
  • After-hours surveillance
  • Asset protection
  • Remote locations
  • Parking lots and garages
  • Restricted zones
  • Construction projects
  • Common areas (dorms, multifamily)

“In a typical commercial setting, there could be tens or hundreds of cameras. Obviously no one person can monitor each and every feed,” explains Illy Gruber, product marketing manager for NICE Systems, a security solutions provider. “Video analytics serves as a power multiplier – it allows you to see more with less.”

More advanced analytics feature license plate and facial recognition. Non-security applications include generating trend reports for crowd or line management, people counting, consumer habits, and heat mapping, Gruber notes.

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