Video Analytics and Security

Video analytics can automatically detect and classify different types of motion, giving you an edge when identifying potential threats.

Shrewd Expectations
Owners often think they’re getting the same capability that they see in movies, but the Hollywood version of sharpening a blurry license plate with the click of a button simply isn’t the reality of video analytics, stresses Gruber.

“This is not a plug-and-play technology,” she cautions. “Deploying the solution is easy, but getting the right results isn’t.”

You may need to tweak the algorithms so the software is responsive to your facility’s specific risks, ensuring a high detection rate but a low false alarm rate, says Gruber.

This may include angle, placement, or lighting changes to ensure the right field of view. Don’t forget to evaluate your connectivity as well.

“Because video analytics is processor-intensive, you also need powerful processing capabilities with a server-based architecture,” notes Nguyen. “As more cameras are added, the server may need to be upgraded or the system restructured to add more servers.”

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