Video Analytics and Security

Video analytics can automatically detect and classify different types of motion, giving you an edge when identifying potential threats.

Savvy Costs
Video analytics may be added by selecting a camera with included software or buying it as an add-on.

Most vendors license by the number of cameras using video analytics, or they may charge for the number of applications simultaneously running per camera, explains Gruber.

“Because it’s not cost-effective to run analytics on all of your cameras, designate which ones are the most relevant,” Gruber recommends.

“You shouldn’t be spending over $300 per channel on an existing system,” adds Brown, “and I wouldn’t go above $500 to add a camera with onboard analytics.”

Analytics can decrease labor costs, improve the effectiveness of security guards, and lower bandwidth and storage usage, says Nguyen. The software also enhances your ability to quickly identify and resolve potential threats.

“On the security side of building safety, we’ve always handled things ‘tomorrow.’ You get a report from the alarm company the next day or find in the morning there’s a broken door and have to retrace what happened,” says Brown. “Analytics allows you to respond in real time to real events, handle them, and go on with your day.”


Jennie Morton is associate editor of BUILDINGS.


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