Video Analytics and Security

03/25/2013 | By Jennie Morton

Add intelligence to your security cameras

Video analytics can automatically detect and classify different types of motion, giving you an edge when identifying potential threats.

Is your surveillance system smart enough to tell the difference between a moving car and a possible intruder?

Video content analysis is a software package that processes live images for suspicious activity. Use analytics to upgrade your surveillance system from passive to active.

Smart Applications
Working like a pair of human eyes, analytics scan a scene for movement.

“Video analytics provides real-time alarms based on user-defined rules to proactively detect irregular behavior without the need for human supervision,” says Tri Nguyen, product manager with Toshiba Surveillance & IP Video. “Video analytics is a way to manage the mass of undifferentiated video data received from cameras and turn it into useful information.”

Rules are integral to analytics because they establish which types of activity warrant an alarm while filtering out movement created by weather conditions, regular traffic patterns, animals, or even a tree blowing in the wind.

By ignoring non-threatening movement, analytics can focus on the exceptions – someone walking up to the building after hours or a car approaching a back door.

When a rule is broken, an alert is created so your security team can take an action or gather more information, explains Chris Brown, executive vice president for CheckVideo, a surveillance supplier.

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