Quality LED Lighting Improves the Triple Bottom Line

04/01/2013 |

Great lighting products provide a number of advantages in both new and retrofitted facilities. A great lighting product is one that is affordable, environmentally responsible and aesthetically pleasing. The lighting technology that best fits this description is LED.

High-quality LED lamps typically use at least 50% less energy than traditional lighting products, creating energy savings and reduced carbon footprints. Further, the long lifespan of LED products minimizes maintenance frequency and cost. And creating the perfect ambiance with LED lamps is simple. LEDs produce consistent, beautiful light in a range of colors.

From facilities managers to building tenants, everyone can appreciate proper lighting. When lighting levels are sufficient and consistent, worker productivity often increases. When flickering fluorescent tube lights and buzzing fluorescent ballasts are removed, many people experience fewer headaches. When lighting products only have to be replaced once every three to 10 years, workdays are rarely interrupted to perform lighting maintenance.

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Finding the right LED lighting product means finding a quality manufacturer who takes the time to understand your facility and your needs. Seesmart, Inc. has been designing, engineering and manufacturing LED lamps and fixtures since 2008. Seesmart products are high-quality, energy-efficient, value-engineered and long-lived. They produce immediate energy savings and a rapid return of investment. These attributes combined with an extensive product line and a well-educated team of lighting professionals make Seesmart the go-to lighting provider for the commercial, industrial, institutional and government markets.

Seesmart manufactures over 500 products spanning eight categories to meet almost any general illumination need. Many products are UL, Energy Star and/or DLC-listed and qualify for rebates with local utilities. Seesmart even provides a selection of U.S.-made products to enable government agencies and private businesses to source quality, affordable lighting products domestically.

The Seesmart sales network consists of over 60 Authorized Dealers and Distributors who are well-equipped to evaluate your lighting needs and develop a custom lighting plan. Seesmart representatives have a global reach and service all types of businesses, from mom-and-pop shops to Fortune 500 companies. They will guide you through your lighting installation and ensure that you make educated choices that improve your triple bottom line.

If your facility is dull and dingy, if you need to cut energy use, if you need to reduce electrical load or if you suffer from glare and eye strain, it’s time to evaluate your lighting needs. Visit www.seesmartled.com or call Seesmart at 877-578-2536 to learn about the lighting products you should be using.

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