Top Energy Jobs in 2013

04/09/2013 | By Eric Woodroof, Ph.D., CEM, CRM

An instructor of CEM training offers his take on new opportunities

The energy management field is evolving, expanding, and exciting. Do you want to join this exciting industry?

This month, I want to explain some of the most common job types I’ve encountered in seminars I teach throughout North America. For each job, it is important to understand the primary tasks it entails, as well as its pros and cons. Although my perception is based on discussions with attendees, hopefully it represents the overall happenings and opportunities in industry.

There are an endless number of “hybrid” positions available – jobs that are spawned to meet new and different demands. Most of these opportunities are related to specific buildings and assets, so there is little chance of the positions being outsourced to another country.

Traditional energy management skills can be applied in many different jobs at energy-consuming organizations, research operations, or energy service companies (ESCOs). These areas include:

  • Facility or Energy Management
  • Consulting Engineering or Project Development
  • Clean-Tech Industries

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