Energy Upgrades for Constrained School Budgets

05/31/2013 |

A new guide for K-12 financing

Not sure where to start saving energy in your school district? Navigating the rocky terrain of financing energy upgrades can be tough, but a free guide by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory is designed to lead the way.

Created specifically for FMs, administrators, and other district officials, Financing Energy Upgrades for K-12 Districts uses six real-life case studies to demonstrate how to overcome common obstacles in funding energy efficiency projects and renewables. It also walks readers through financial terms and funding mechanisms for both private and public schools.

“The money spent on energy for schools is their second-highest operating expenditure after personnel costs – more money than is spent on textbooks and computers combined,” says researcher Merrian Borgeson, a co-author of the guide. “Comprehensive energy efficiency upgrades for schools bring them a lot of benefits. The biggest might be that lower energy bills allow them to spend more money on hiring teachers and buying supplies.”

Interested? The free guide is available for download at

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