5 Ways to Increase Window Security

07/26/2013 | By Jennie Morton

Protect your property against theft and vandalism

Use window alarms, barriers, surveillance, and films to strengthen your perimeter defense.

Glass windows may let in welcomed daylight, but all it takes is a determined intruder and your property could be breached with a single blow. Even if the window is alarmed, an intruder often has 10-15 minutes before help arrives – plenty of time to do considerable damage.

“If someone can gain entry through a window undetected, they could move product, vandalize your property, or threaten human life without ever opening a door,” explains Tom Connaughton, global director of life safety and security services for Intertek, a third-party product testing and certification body.

When used as another security layer, however, windows can protect your property. Learn about these five reinforcement strategies that will ensure your windows are part of the security solution.

1) Contacts and Sensors
If your windows are at risk of being forced open, install a contact alarm. Similar to those used on doors, this device will send an alert when contact has been broken, Connaughton says. These devices, however, can’t detect if the window is broken as opposed to opened.

Use glass break sensors instead, which are set to trigger at the sound of breaking glass. Where cost-effective, use both technologies together for optimal protection.

2) Passive Infrared
Video can be a valuable resource for window security and is used in the same way as for entrance monitoring, Connaughton recommends. For example, you can aim infrared cameras at high-risk windows. Whenever motion is detected, the unit will start recording or transmitting to a central monitoring station. Depending on your system, either an alert or live feed will be sent to your security team.

You can also sync sensors on the windows themselves with the camera; when triggered by the window being broken or opened, the camera will activate. Either configuration will allow security to verify the threat and weed out false alarms.

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