Outdated Heat Gain Data Could be Costing You

07/26/2013 |

Old assumptions could have resulted in oversized HVAC systems

Older assumptions based on outdated electronic heat gain data can result in oversized HVAC systems and higher costs.

There’s a chance your HVAC system could be oversized and producing higher operating costs than necessary if it was purchased based on outdated ASHRAE models.

Accurately defining heat gain is one of the most difficult things for engineers to do, but the recently released 2013 ASHRAE Handbook – Fundamentals includes major updates to its cooling and heating load calculations, including new internal heat gain data and recommendations.

“Older assumptions based on obsolete computer, copier, and printer heat gains can result in significantly oversized HVAC systems, producing higher first cost and operating cost,” says Steven Bruning, Handbook subcommittee chair of Technical Committee 4.1, Load Calculation Data and Procedures. “The new data in the Handbook chapter reflect ongoing ASHRAE research results.”

Also included in the chapter is a new master example building that reflects current practice in energy efficient building construction, lighting loads, and updated Standard 90.1 compliance. The previous example reflected 1990s practice.

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