4 BAS Best Practices

09/01/2013 | By Janelle Penny

Derive maximum benefit from your automation system

Hoping to optimize your BAS system use? Start with one data stream, like energy consumption, and gradually expand into related areas like occupancy and ventilation.

Building automation systems can draw data from so many sources that it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the possibilities for analysis.

Luckily, as your analytic ambitions expand, this versatile technology can follow suit. Hone your data-driven goals with these tips.

1) Start Small
Energy is the most common data stream to track, with HVAC and submetering increasingly dominating sources of energy data, says David Clark, vice president of Panoptix and Advantage for Johnson Controls. Panoptix is a building efficiency management system (BEMS), a separate engine for analysis and reporting that draws data from the BAS and additional metering systems. Some products package the BEMS and BAS together.

“The BAS is most commonly tied to all of the energy-consuming pieces of equipment in the building, and 60% of that is heating and cooling equipment,” Clark explains. “The metering system holistically looks at the building in terms of energy usage and gets behind lighting systems and plug loads.”

Examine building system components to see if any are using more energy than expected, recommends Ben Dorsey, senior vice president of marketing and communications for BAS developer KMC Controls.

“When facilities managers analyze energy data, they typically want to know how time is related to the building’s energy usage, as well as whether they can account for those trends based on things like occupancy and weather,” says Dorsey. “They’re looking at energy in relation to time, whether that’s time of day, time of week, or season of the year, as well as the big users of energy within their buildings.”

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