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10/30/2003 |

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Educational Facilities

APPA: The Association of Higher

Education Facilities Officers


This networking group of educational facilities professionals offers numerous research and professional development opportunities. The Center for Facilities Research (CFaR) has also been established through APPA, providing an assortment of educational facilities-related information. The organization encourages study of the learning environment, appropriate management strategies, and their impact on education.

[Assistant Director of Operations, Educational Facility: “Provides current information in the area of higher education facilities management.”]

Council for Educational Facility Planners (CEFPI)

CEFPI believes that facilities can impact learning, development, and behavior. Therefore, the group emphasizes the planning process as being essential for a quality facility. Via sharing and networking, CEFPI serves those who use, plan, design, construct, maintain, equip, and operate educational facilities. The council’s goals? To educate the general public, legislators, and regulators on the value of school design and scholarly performance; member training and development that promotes best practices; and research/dissemination of data regarding the connection between a facility, its design, and student success.

[Editor’s Note: “The CEFPI organization encourages information-sharing and allows facilities professionals to experience implementation of best practices.”]

The Society for College and University Planning (SCUP)

Find out about major renovations and modernizations taking place on campuses across the United States, read guest columns written by your peers, study the top 10 green building myths, and check out SCUP’s CampusCams – links to over 200 Internet video cameras on campuses worldwide, allowing facilities professionals to check in on the progress of educational building projects. If there’s news in the college/university arena, it will most likely be found here.

[Vice President, Educational Facility: “SCUP covers a very wide range of educational planning issues.”]

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