Nothin’ but Net: FM Guide to the Internet (4 of 12)

10/30/2003 |

Your Internet Play-by-Play

Energy Usage

Building Energy Codes


Provided by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, this site is your resource for energy code compliance, development, adoption, implementation, and enforcement. Here you can download software designed to assist you with energy code fulfillment, access hotline staff for questions and assistance, and find answers to frequently asked questions on code compliance.

[Editor’s Note: “Energy codes can increase the possibility of energy and cost savings in new construction and renovation, and this site explains how.”]

EnergyIdeas Clearinghouse

Browse over 5,000 energy-efficiency resources by topic or business type on this site. Although it’s funded by the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance and features mostly regional news, much of the information found here can be applied anywhere in the country. The site also makes available expert engineers and energy specialists to answer questions from those located in the Pacific Northwest.

[Editor’s Note: “Find articles, events, case studies, and reports in this site’s database of energy-related topics.”]

Lighting Research Center (LRC)

The LRC investigates lighting issues and offers programs covering a range of activities, from laboratory testing of lighting products to real-world demonstration and evaluation of lighting products and designs. This site offers the LRC’s information on energy efficiency, new products and technologies, lighting design, and human factors issues.

[Editor’s Note: “Find out what research the LRC has done in terms of lighting and how it affects health, productivity, and comfort.”]

Rebuild America

Rebuild America features success stories, news releases, industry-related events, and FAQs for K-12, college/university, multi-family housing, state/local government, and commercial building sectors. This organization can help you write an energy Action Plan; connect you with people, resources, ideas, and practices; provide you with tools and step-by-step guidance; and match efficient products and services to your needs.

[Editor’s Note: “This is the place to find answers on how to successfully plan and complete building energy projects.”]

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