The Green White House

10/01/2013 |

Solar panels are being installed at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

The state of sustainability is surging at the White House as a solar photovoltaic installation begins on its roof.

This is the first time in eight presidential terms – over 32 years – that solar panels will be on the president’s home. President Carter was the first to deploy the technology, but President Reagan removed the panels in 1986.

The project was green-lit three years ago as part of a broader energy retrofit. The White House will also feature a solar water heater, echoing President Bush’s 2003 effort that harnessed the sun’s heat for the swimming pool.

“The White House will lead by example,” said Steven Chu, former Secretary of Energy. “It is a symbol of freedom, but it should also be a symbol of America’s commitment to a clean energy future.”

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