Medical Center Earns Perfect ENERGY STAR Score

11/01/2013 |

A cogeneration plant boosts efficiency for this health campus

To earn a perfect energy star score, Geisinger Medical Center poured their efforts into a cogeneration plant, which generates 5 mW of power annually.
Photo Credit: geisinger medical center

One of a handful of recipients across the country, the Geisinger Medical Center (GMC) recently earned a perfect ENERGY STAR score.

The 100 score was significantly impacted by the addition of a turbine cogeneration plant in 2011. GMC’s plant generates 5 mW of power and increased efficiency from 30 to 80% compared to coal. It boasts annual savings of $2.2 million per year and reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 16,000 tons annually.

Other energy-saving measures include chilled water used for air conditioning during evening hours and variable frequency drives on power plant machinery.

“In just the last two years, we’ve reduced energy expenditures by $2.6 million,” says Al Neuner, vice president for facilities operations, Geisinger Health Systems. “We are not only proud to be recognized for being energy conscious, but we also take pride in having an impact on lowering health care costs, which directly benefits our patients and family communities.”

The efforts have also reduced energy costs despite campus expansions. Prior to the cogeneration plant, Geisinger was paying $3.01 per square foot for gas and electricity across 1.7 million square feet. After the upgrade and an increase in size, the cost dropped to $1.69 per square foot over 2.2 million square feet.

The ENERGY STAR score is based on utility data. Performance is compared against facilities of the same type and size.

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