Top 10 Green Power Purchasers in the U.S.

11/01/2013 |

On-site generation, utility products, and renewable energy certificates fuel high-ranking organizations

Using a combination of renewable energy certificates, on-site generation, and utility green power products, these 10 organizations ranked highest in purchases of clean energy this quarter, according to the EPA’s Green Power Partnership program. The top 50 purchase more than 20 billion kWh annually.

Organization Annual Green
Power Usage (kWh)
Green Power
% of Total
Electricity Use
Green Power
Type Used
Intel Corp. 3,100,850,000 100% Biogas, biomass, small hydro, solar, wind
Microsoft Corp. 1,935,637,485 80% Biomass, small hydro, solar, wind
Kohl’s Dept. Stores 1,536,529,000 105% Solar
Whole Foods Market 800,257,623 107% Solar, wind
Wal-Mart Stores 751,431,792 4% Biogas, solar, wind
U.S. Department of Energy 698,489,099 14% Biomass, geothermal, small hydro, solar, wind
Staples 635,982,674 102% Biogas, solar, wind
Houston, TX 622,887,000 48% Wind
Starbucks Company-Owned Stores 592,462,522 70% Wind
Apple Inc. 537,393,667 85% Biogas, biomass, geothermal, small hydro, solar, wind


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