Tools For How and Where You Work

11/01/2013 |

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Having the right tools to do your work and do it right is an essential part of everybody’s job. The same is true when it comes to the furniture in your work area. Every work environment is different and needs product solutions to fit not only the needs of the space, but also the needs of the individual user. If your furniture solutions don’t work together workflow can be interrupted, efficiency can drop and back and neck pain can increase due to incorrect posture. This can lead to lost workdays and a decrease in productivity.

Safco offers a wide variety of solutions to ensure a perfect fit for every individual, environment and budget. Safco’s extensive line of extended-height seating allows users to have the perfect seat, no matter if they sit for long periods of time or just need a break from standing. The Vue™ chair features a mesh back, while the Metro™ chair is all fabric, creating a comfortable seat to help users get their work done.

The ability to choose the features, colors and fabric styles to customize Safco products helps them easily become part of the work environment, or add a little personality. The Safco Flat File is high-density file that may be overlooked just as another necessity in some spaces. However, by adding a little color these files can make a work area brighter, and as research shows, this can lead to a happier work life.

Studies are also showing standing and moving during the workday can help improve posture and may help prevent many diseases such as cancer and heart disease. Safco has many workstations that are fixed standing-height or adjustable-height for a healthier way to get the job done. The Horizon Height-Adjustable Split-Level Table can easily be lowered or raised, and features a split top that tilts at a 50° angle making it perfect for drafting as well.

Since movement has become an important part of every workspace, whether it’s a walking meeting or taking files from one meeting to the next, Safco has designed a diverse selection of mobile file carts. The Mobile Vertical File is a great addition for meetings on the go, or shared documents. But if you have smaller filing needs, the Safco Desk Side Roll Files come in a variety of sizes for all of your document or projects.

By surrounding workers with the right solutions you enable them to work more efficiently and possibly increase productivity. Safco products make it easy to fit any workspace need, from every building environment to every individual’s personal needs.

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