6 Energy Strategies for Holiday Weekends

12/01/2013 |

Temporary changes in occupancy offer savings opportunities

Ensure energy savings during long weekends by scaling down lighting, HVAC, and other services to account for fewer occupants.

Gearing up for an extended holiday weekend? If a significant chunk of your building occupants are scheduling time off to coincide with Christmas, New Year's Day, or other seasonal celebrations, take this opportunity to save on energy with these six tips from BOMA.

  1. Remind tenants to turn off all task lighting and power down electronics when they leave for a long weekend.
  2. Coast the HVAC system during the last few hours of the day before the weekend. Many tenants will leave early before a holiday.
  3. Set up a "by request only" HVAC supply.
  4. Implement an automatic building-wide lights out after the majority of people should be gone – for example, around 7 p.m. – with a tenant override mechanism for occupants staying late.
  5. Turn off hot water heaters or reset hot water thermostats to the lowest possible setting.
  6. Make sure your janitorial service provider is aware that your office will be closed for the holiday to avoid unnecessary energy use.

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