Greenhouse Gas Emissions Lowest Since 1994

12/01/2013 |

Low carbon dioxide emissions set records

The second largest decrease in carbon dioxide emissions since 1990 was recorded in 2012, which saw a 3.8% decline. That year also set a record for the lowest overall emissions level since 1994 thanks to favorable weather and a larger energy production role for natural gas.
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Energy-related carbon dioxide emissions declined 3.8% in 2012, the second largest decrease since 1990, according to a new study by the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

CO2 released as a result of energy production and consumption has declined in five of the last seven years, with 2012 marking the lowest emissions level since 1994.

The warm first quarter of 2012 and a large increase in natural gas-fired generation contributed to the 2012 decline, EIA says, while fuel efficiency improvements and increased use of renewable energy will remain important factors in the coming years.

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