ENERGY STAR Certification List Grows

12/01/2013 |

New certifications include small network equipment and data center storage products

Information on the energy use of data storage products, which will be made available through the ENERGY STAR certification, can help consumers purchase the system that best meets their needs.

The EPA has finalized ENERGY STAR specifications for two new certifications.

Small Network Equipment: The products covered by this specification include modems, routers, optical network devices, cable and Digital Subscriber Line (DSL)-integrated access devices, switches, and access points.

Products that meet the new requirements use an average 20% less energy than standard models, according to the EPA.

This specification requires that equipment meets rigorous low traffic rate efficiency criteria, ensuring that products use less energy when not in use. The specification went into effect on Sept. 3.

Data Center Storage Products: Eligible data center storage products include large arrays of hard disks or solid state drives. The specification includes requirements regarding the use of energy efficient power supplies and power consumption reporting.

The data made available through this specification will provide insight into the performance of storage systems. This specification takes effect Dec. 2.

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