Utilities Help Customers Improve Building Performance

12/30/2013 |

More utility companies are utilizing ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager

According to the EPA, about 24,000 buildings are benchmarking using web services directly from utilities. Nearly 150 performance metrics are available through these programs.

Illinois’ Commonwealth Edison (ComEd) and Consumers Energy in Michigan have joined the ranks of utility companies who are partnering with the EPA to assist customers with a program called “Building Performance with ENERGY STAR.”

Participants agree to benchmark their commercial facilities with ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager. The utility company and building owner use this information to create a strategic energy management plan, including immediately reducing energy use through operation and maintenance as well as identifying energy efficiency improvements for long-term savings opportunities.

Portfolio Manager is an online tool that can measure and track energy and water consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. According to the EPA, close to 40% of commercial building floor space uses the benchmarking program. A growing number of utilities directly upload utility data into Portfolio Manager, making this process even easier.

See if your utility company offers this service at www.energystar.gov.

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