ASHRAE and DOE Aim for Better Buildings Workforce

01/24/2014 |

National guidelines for energy jobs are emerging

Better Buildings Workforce Guidelines could become a key credential and distinction for energy-related job titles.

ASHRAE has joined the DOE’s efforts to keep energy jobs surging. The Better Buildings Workforce Guidelines, a voluntary program, outlines training and certification programs for the job titles of energy auditor, commissioning professional, building/operations professional, facility manager, and energy manager.

The goal is to improve the quality and consistency of workforce credentials. Three ASHRAE programs are part of the initial development: Commissioning Process Management Professional, Building Energy Assessment Professional, and Operations & Performance Management Professional.

“Participating in the development of the guidelines gives ASHRAE a voice in how the workforce of our industry will be developed,” says William Bahnfleth, president of ASHRAE. “These guidelines will ensure that quality services are provided by professionals with recognized certifications to increase consumer confidence in the service provided and ultimately to ensure the quality of our future building stock.”

The guidelines also aim to reduce the confusion, uncertainty, and cost around several systems of credentialing. Instead of many different training and certificate programs, DOE will provide national guidelines.

Once implemented, industry certification programs must receive accreditation from the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) in order to be recognized by the DOE as meeting voluntary guidelines for the Better Buildings Workforce. ASHRAE is already seeking ANSI accreditation in preparation.

For a fact sheet about the Better Building Workforce Guidelines, click here. Find details about job descriptions, certification requirements, and a project timeline.

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