Dirtiest Hotel Gets Modest Makeover

01/24/2014 |

Life-safety concerns garnered the most attention

Bedbugs, burglars, and building code violations, oh my! The Hotel Carter at 250 W. 43rd St. has gone from TripAdvisor’s dirtiest hotel in America to something better.

Under new management for eight months and up for sale later in 2014, the Carter is trying to reimagine its rank reputation. “Our direction has been to focus on correcting all life-safety issues,” says John J. Cruz of GF Management, the firm that took over in April.

TripAdvisor’s customer satisfaction index has already jumped from 67.6 to 73.6. Eastdil Secured, the firm that will market the property, imagines it as a three-star site, a bump up from its current standing.

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