The Healthy Workspace by Safco: A Happier, Healthier Way to Work

03/01/2014 |

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View your workspace from a different perspective—a healthy perspective. Because whether it’s at home, in a collaboration area, coworking space or your own office, the space where you work is important for many reasons. It should be filled with products that inspire your best possible work, allowing for creativity, productivity and even physical activity. A workspace where your health is a top priority can create a better space of mind and a more balanced workday.

Safco offers a wide variety of products that set the foundation for a better way to work that is both happier and healthier. Focusing on promoting a healthy well-­‐being and ergonomic solutions, Safco provides a wide variety of products that keep both mind and body actively engaged throughout the workday.

Safco’s standing fixed-­‐height and adjustable workstations offer a healthy opportunity to get work done while keeping the body actively engaged. With studies showing that standing and moving during the workday can help improve posture, burn calories and potentially improve focus, a standing workstation may be a step in helping prevent many diseases such as cancer and heart disease.

To help combat a sedentary lifestyle that many offices face, Safco’s Xpressions™ Stand-­‐ Up Workstation is specially designed so users can naturally fidget and move while standing, with its patented Swinging Pendulum™ Footrest Bar. Another great option is the Scoot™ Stand-­‐Up Workstation, which also comes in a sitting version that can nest together with the standing option to create a smaller footprint in work areas.

A second way to combat a sedentary lifestyle is by incorporating the Zenergy™ Ball Chair into your workspace. Designed with an anti-­‐burst exercise ball and a stable base, the nylon mesh or vinyl covered bouncing seat encourages movement that aids in concentration while supporting core balance. Zenergy keeps the body actively engaged, forcing you to use mid-­‐region muscles that you normally don’t exercise when sitting in a typical office chair, meaning a potential increase in your core muscle strength.

The Zenergy seating line has been so successful, Safco launched Runtz™, a smaller version of the ball chair specifically designed for children. Together, both Zenergy and Runtz are able to break up a stagnant sitting routine with movement to encourage a healthier workspace.

To reach its fullest potential, a workspace should support a balance between sitting, standing and movement. Safco products make it simple to find solutions that promote an active, engaging and comfortable workday. From standing workstations to engaging seating options and ergonomic products to support and build posture, Safco has the tools to create healthy workspaces in any office setting.

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