Finally there is a practical lift for tight spaces in industrial buildings, offices and even residential!

03/25/2014 |

A major Midwestern University was having problems changing light bulbs. Specifically those bulbs directly above a stairway landing.   Since the directive was made a couple years ago to eliminate stepladders more than 6 feet, simple chores like this became not so simple. Scissor lifts and other push around lifts couldn’t access these and other areas such as stages and sloped ground.  Scaffolding was about the only other alternative.

Enter the PowerLift from Reechcraft. It’s super-light aluminum construction provided easy access to the stairway landing.  Not only that but it became the method of choice for most access jobs because it was so easy to move across the building, through doorways and up elevators. To move across campus, they elected to get the optional Hitch Hauler, which allows the PowerLift to load onto a vehicle receiver hitch in just seconds.

Not only did they find PowerLift to be great indoors, and easy on floors, but it was equally handy outdoors.  Adaptability to uneven ground and easy to use around landscaping.

Finally, due to the fact there are no electronics or hydraulics,  there are no expensive service contracts that they needed to get. The Power comes from a simple power drill and the only other moving part that lifts the basket up and down is the gearbox. Best yet is the PowerLift is entirely a one person operation. With plenty of safety features, PowerLift is ANSI approved.  For more information visit

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