Comparative Building Costs

03/28/2014 |

Office renovations

Warehouse Renovation Reworks Roof

This project renovated a warehouse into an office. Original intent was to reconfigure the roof assembly of the existing warehouse area to an assembly more suited to office space. The design called for removing metal roofing and vinyl-faced insulation, thereby exposing the interior in order to place structural metal decking, insulation, and a new assembly.

This would have caused a tremendous amount of rework in existing finished areas. However, designers discovered that existing metal standing-seam roof panels were of adequate gauge to act as a structural metal decking layer and substrate for the new roofing material. This protected the finishes and prevented demolition of the system.

Remodel Implements Recycling Initiatives

Environmental entities occupy this government building, which underwent renovation to improve indoor environmental quality. The primary culprits were failed exterior surfaces and ineffective mechanical systems.

In keeping with the sustainability goals, waste diversion was a major issue. All existing aluminum window frames were recycled during renovation. Likewise, interior upgrades entailed removing and recycling 8,500 yards of old carpet. This was the largest quantity of carpet ever recycled in the state.

For replacement, modular carpet made from recycled materials, such as plastic soda and water bottles, was chosen. It also meets USGBC’s stringent low-chemical emissivity standards to improve IAQ.

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