Courses for Career Enhancement

03/28/2014 |

ASHRAE provides job distinctions

Expert knowledge of sustainable techniques is in demand. Stay abreast of industry trends with spring ASHRAE Learning Institute courses.

Participants can access these instructor-led courses from anywhere with an internet connection. Continuing education units and professional development hours are available for each course completed.

The courses cover a variety of topics relevant to today’s built environment. Which one is right for you?

Environmental Quality

  • IAQ Best Practice for Design, Construction, and Commissioning – May 1

Energy Efficiency

  • Commercial Building Energy Audits, Parts 1 & 2 – April 28, 30
  • Basics of High-Performance Building Design – May 8
  • Energy Modeling: Best Practices and Applications, Parts 1 & 2 – May 5, 12
  • Evaluation Methods for High-Performance Green Buildings – May 7

HVAC Applications

  • Introduction to BACnet – April 14
  • Designing High-Performance Healthcare Facilities – April 23

Standards and Guidelines

  • Significant Changes to Standard 90.1-2010 – May 14

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