Programs Target Multifamily Facilities

05/01/2014 |

Recycling and energy efficiency are key goals

Apartments and multifamily housing units are at the forefront of NYC’s sustainability efforts. Get involved with these programs for a more efficient and sustainable site.

Con Edison’s Multifamily Energy Efficiency program provides owners of residential buildings with 5-75 units with free energy efficiency surveys and incentives for heating and lighting upgrades to common areas such as hallways and laundry rooms.

Once a building is enrolled, Con Edison then provides residents with free compact fluorescent bulbs and smart power strips. Apartments in buildings with Con Edison gas heating accounts also get water-saving devices.

Upgrades made in enrolled buildings last year saved more than 17 million kWh and more than 1.8 million therms, which has avoided the release of 16,000 tons of carbon dioxide into the air.

For more of a grass roots effort on sustainability, consider NYC’s Apartment Building Recycling Initiative (ABRI). Through the program, you’ll work with the city’s Bureau of Waste Prevention, Reuse, and Recycling (BWPRR) to educate residents and staff in your building about property-wide recycling efforts.

A training session for building owners and managers will be held at the offices of the Department of Sanitation offices in downtown Manhattan on Tuesday, May 13, from 3-5 p.m. The department can also offer on-site trainings for at least 10 participants. To organize such a session, each participant must express interest on the enrollment program registration form.

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