Access Product Performance Data

05/01/2014 |

Search for cost-effective technologies

Project proposals can benefit from a new tool that helps evaluate products’ energy and cost savings.

Having trouble raising capital investment for energy-saving technologies?

Evaluate energy and cost savings with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s new web-based tool, the Technology Performance Exchange (TPEx). TPEx provides data that building professionals can use in calculations and energy simulations, which they can then present to decision makers.

Manufacturers share performance data on TPEx through the use of standardized data entry forms, which identify the minimum product-specific performance parameters needed to evaluate a product’s energy performance. Standardization allows users to perform apples-to-apples comparisons of products. Information provided through TPEx can be used in conjunction with any number of evaluation tools and methods.

Third-party laboratories and contributors can add detailed performance data to the products, providing additional insight into the product’s usage.

Currently, TPEx accepts data for 17 product categories, ranging from solar photovoltaic modules to variable refrigerant flow units. Future technology categories include wind turbines, roofing membranes, and fans.

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