Comparative Building Costs

05/01/2014 |

Municipal Retrofits

Library Enlightens Existing Space

The exterior walls of this one-story, 21,000-square-foot building were removed, and existing column locations were used to create a center open space illuminated by clerestory windows. A series of arched windows on the walls allows daylight to penetrate all areas.

A new floor slab was poured over the top of the existing rough concrete slab in order to allow for the placement of a flexible electrical power network. Design required two meeting rooms positioned so they could operate beyond normal hours. The large meeting room is divisible and easily accessible from the children’s area without crossing adult space.

Library Reimagines Abandoned School

An abandoned high school became a lively library and civic center. The library occupies four levels of this eight-story structure. The entire adult collection and lobby occupy level one, while the children’s area and periodicals are two feet higher, connected by a ramp and steps. The raised floor in the main part serves as a plenum for air ducts and electrical raceways.

The remainder of the building houses an auditorium for the community theatre organization and office space for the Area Education Agency. The gymnasium and wrestling room have been converted to a community recreation center with classrooms and shower and toilet facilities for the gym.





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