Bradley’s New Advocate® Makes It Easy to Go Touchless

05/01/2014 |

Kris Alderson 
Senior Marketing Manager
Bradley Corporation

Over the past 15 years, architects, facility managers and building owners have widely adopted touchless technology in sinks, soap dispensers and hand dryers to create more hygienic lavatory experiences for their patrons. The more consumers learn about bacteria and disease transmission, the less they want to touch anything in a public washroom. 

While touchless technology has quickly become a best practice in commercial washrooms, many buildings have yet to make the jump to completely touchless environments because of the design challenges and cost implications involved with incorporating multiple touchless fixtures in their washrooms.

Wisconsin-based Bradley Corporation hopes to change that reality with the launch of its new Advocate AV Series Lavatory System. The Advocate is the first washroom fixture to combine a touchless sink, faucet and hand dryer in a single unit and enables users to complete the entire hand-washing process – soap, rinse and dry – in one place without touching a fixture. For operators it means moving to touchless washrooms with a single installation.

In addition to providing consumers with a touchless experience, the Advocate improves cleanliness, sustainability and safety of contemporary commercial facilities. 

A neat innovation

Even the most high-end touchless hand dryers spray water on walls and floors and relying on multiple fixtures leads to consumers dripping water on the floor when they step away from the sink. The Advocate’s unique design ensures that water goes down the drain – not on the floor – and the unit’s touchless hand dryer means the end of used paper towels piling up around the washroom.

Reducing emissions, paper waste and water use

The Advocate is made from highly durable Terreon solid surface and TerreonRE recycled solid surface material, which are GREENGUARD certified as low-emitting materials. The Advocate’s .38 gallon per minute faucet reduces water use by 24 percent compared with standard, low-flow faucets and its high-speed, dual-sided hand dryer can completely eliminate paper towel waste. No other washroom fixture can deliver sustainability results across those areas.

Preventative medicine

Each year, more than 234,000 people visit emergency rooms due to injuries suffered in washrooms. Falls are the No. 1 source of washroom injuries, with 30 percent resulting in head and neck injuries. Less water on floors creates a safer washroom environment for users, less potential for injuries and improved peace of mind for operators.

Product options

The Advocate is available in single-, double- and triple-unit designs. Installations to date have included restaurants and bars, some of America’s best-known quick-serve brands, museums, sporting facilities, large retail stores and healthcare facilities.

For more information about the Advocate, please visit

To speak with a Bradley representative, please call 1-800-BRADLEY or email

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